How the SSA works

The SSA is formed of 4 key areas:

  • Executive Committee
  • Technical Committee
  • Technical Information Standing Committee
  • Secretariat

The Executive Committee

  • Comprises of senior management from each member company
  • Is the policy making body of the Association
  • Is responsible for general management of the Association
  • Approves representation to European Spice Association
  • Provides representation at FDF Council

The Technical Committee

  • Provides members with technical support
  • Is comprised of industry experts
  • Addresses current issues of concern
  • Monitors and interprets legislation affecting the food industry
  • Liaises closely with authoritative bodies such as FSA, BRC and the HSE in the UK and the Commission via ESA
  • Communicates with consumer groups such as Anaphylaxis Campaign
  • Collaborates in relevant research activities
  • Focuses the Executive Committee's attention on priority technical issues

The Technical Information Standing Committee

  • Ensures that the Association's technical documentation is current, accurate and relevant
  • Generates position statements and other relevant documents as required to support the membership

The Secretariat

  • Based at the Food and Drink Federation (FDF)
  • Coordinates and administers the business of the Association
  • Maintains and promotes links with similar UK and European Associations
  • Attends ESA meetings and FDF meetings
  • Maintains links with IOSTA and ASTA
  • Collects and analyses members' technical data to establish trends and their significance

Last reviewed: 03 Feb 2014